How to Create a YouTube Channel – 2022 Easy – By Thapa

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Hello, say an image is well worth a thousand words. When you further reflect onconsideration on that 5 hours of video is uploaded every 2nd to YouTube, and that each 2nd of video typically consists of 30 nonetheless images, that makes for a lot of words.

Today we gonna share you some information which you need How to Create a YouTube Channel – 2022 Easy and you can learn with if you have any question so leave a comment we will publish for you.

How to Create a YouTube Channel - 2022 Easy

How to Create a YouTube Channel – 2022 Easy – By Thapa

One of the great advantages of social media is how it empowers us to create and share video content. This represents an opportunity for enterprise owners if they are prepared to learn and undertake these new technologies.

In this article, we will look at how you set up a YouTube channel. It’s a amazing way you can take advantage of social media for small business.

Here are our 6 steps to begin a YouTube channel:

  1. Activate your channel
  2. Pick your channel art
  3. Customize your channel
  4. Upload your first videos
  5. Create a channel trailer
  6. Shout about your new channel

Step 1: Activate your channel

If you have a Google account, your YouTube channel is already ready for you. Log into YouTube and choose Your Channel in the top-right menu. You will be invited to create a private or a business account.

Choose a enterprise or other identify to create a YouTube brand account, which can be accessed through different humans in your company. Enter your company or manufacturer name as the name. Your YouTube channel has now been created.

If you didn’t have a Google account to begin with, you will need to go thru that process first.

How to Create a YouTube Channel - 2022 Easy - By Thapa

Step 2: Pick your channel art

At the pinnacle of your page, you provide a history image for your YouTube channel. This is known as your channel art. You can choose any image, and you can trade it at any time.


As the image is large, you want to provide a high-resolution picture and one which is in harmony with your company identity and your logo. For the channel icon, we propose using your logo. Change it with the aid of hovering over the icon next to your account identify and click Edit profile picture.

Step 2 Pick your channel art

Step 3: Customize your channel

Now click on the Customize your channel button and go to the About tab. Here you can enter a descriptive text for your enterprise and provide a vicinity and a contact email. Additionally, provide hyperlinks to your other social networks and your website. These hyperlinks will be prominently displayed on your channel art picture.

You can additionally select different YouTube channels that you would like users to see when they go to your channel. These are set as Featured channels in the customization process.

Step 3 Customize your channel

You can describe your business, supply a contact email, and link to your web site and your other social profiles on your YouTube channel.

Step 4: Upload your first videos

Now that your channel is ready, you want to focus on the content. Do you already have movies available for your channel? Click the Create button at the pinnacle right of your display to upload your first video. Once a file has been uploaded, you want to provide descriptive facts for the video.

Pay close interest to this part of the process, as these factors will determine its attractiveness, and additionally how it appears in video searches. The interface additionally allows you to edit YouTube movies once they are uploaded.

You can trim, blur, and add audio and quit screens to your movies once they are in your YouTube channel.

If you don’t have any preexisting videos, you can create a stay video by deciding on Live instead of Upload. It does require a bit of planning to create stay video, but provide it a try, as you can always delete what you created earlier than publication.

Step 5: Create a channel trailer

When users arrive on your channel, they will see a featured video. You can determine which video, or channel trailer, should appear. It’s a accurate idea to create a new video mainly for this purpose.

Create one which welcomes users to the channel and give an explanation for what they will find here. You can choose a different video for returning traffic who have now been introduced to the channel and may additionally respond higher to different content.

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