Make Nut & Bolt On 2 Clicks in SketchUp


#Bolt Maker Plugin For Sketchup 2022#Make Nut & Bolt On 2 Clicks in SketchUp#How To Download Bolt Maker XII  plugin For Sketchup#

Bolt Maker
XII the ultimate edition.

Enter the
diameter of the bolt, choose a head type(Hex or Cap), choose washer

locating method(Offset,PickPt), and indicate if mutiple copies are going to be
placed. The find by Offset currently accepts any 2 edges of the face to outline
the offset. the sole demand is that the offsets come across on the face. The
bolts area unit initial created as a gaggle however is born-again to a element
before placement. the top sort,diameter,length, and washer configuration is
employed to call the element so permitting the fast placement of multiple
instances of identical bolt element.

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Add nut and bolt very easily

Plugin: Bolt Maker
Developer: Sam D Mitch
Download from: sketch action plugin store


Bolt Maker XII  Free Download Click Here 

Direct Download Link

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