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Honey bee Network White Paper 
(Draft V1.1) 
Chapter by chapter list 
1. Presentation 
2. Task Vision 
3. Venture Details 
1. Presentation 
Honey bee Network is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) association whose fundamental tasks are robotized consenting to rules and standards relegated in code without human inclusion. 

The naming of Bee Network is enlivened by the idea of Hive Mind removed from the respectable distribution From Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, and the Economic World by Kevin Kelly. Hive is taken as the allegory of Hive Mind given its construction: there is an unmistakable division of work wherein every individual bumble bee has its own job and duty, and they all work together methodicallly and precipitously to guarantee the smooth activity of the Hive without a focal power. This environment is otherwise called a disseminated framework which its profitability depends on large number of individual info. 
This independent biological system has the accompanying qualities: 
1. Acknowledgment in the presence of people and modules inside the association: Individuals and modules own a serious level of autonomy yet keep in touch with one another. Autonomy implies that every module has its own division of work and close contact implies an advantageous method of correspondence between related gatherings. 
2. Amazing convenience capacity inside every module: Each module can keep up its balance by accomodation without a focal power. 
3. Bound together unbiased and novel capacity of people and modules: to satisfy the attributes expressed over, every person and modules share a similar evenhanded and every one of them would add to the target in their own specific manner, for instance, some freely extricate nectar, while some autonomously fill in as pathfinders. 
The authoritative design inside a hive incorporates a sovereign honey bee and various working drones. Honey bees convey (like illuminating the area for extricating nectar) by moving. At the point when the hive is enduring an onslaught and when a honey bee sends the sign, the remainder of honey bees will consolidate the battle. This kind of coordinated effort between honey bees makes the hive a total association. The activity of the honey bee province depends on the unconstrained commitment of every person. Despite the fact that the force of every individual is generally restricted, the cooperation of these joint forces could be amazing
Encapsulation of Hive Mind 
The undertaking is named as Bee Network with our vision that the organization will work like a hive which by teaming up the unconstrained commitment of every person, the organization will turn into an amazing power and flourish. 
2. Task Vision 
Center Team 
The Bee Network center group is made out of top-level specialists with specialism in web and blockchain innovation, science and cryptography specialists and local area volunteers. On the off chance that you have an interest to join the Bee Network group or become a local area volunteer, you can email us your resume to bee@bee.com 
The underlying improvement of the Bee Network is fundamentally subsidized by mysterious backers and the venture will keep on drawing further sponsorship. In the interim we are in progress of framing Bee Network Foundation. We will report the rundown of center colleagues, supporters and counselors upon the foundation of the establishment. As the Foundation and the center group own 25% of the all out gave Bee as advancement reward, these Bee will be likewise be apportioned to project supports and the further development of Bee Network environment. 
Honey bee Network is focused on using blockchain innovation to set up an open web stage and a biological system of Dapp (decentralized application). We will likewise continuously present portable games, informal organization, internet business, and way of life administrations with a definitive objective of turning each client’s part as the stage’s customer, supporter and worth proprietors simultaneously. 
Client Development Phases 
Stage 1: from 0 to 1 million clients. The 1-million-client achievement is cultivated as of now. 
Stage 2: from 1 million clients to 10 million clients. To guarantee the wellbeing and protection of Bee Network and its clients, the center improvement objective of stage 2 will dispatch KYC (Know Your Customer) practice to guarantee the legitimacy of clients. Notwithstanding KYC, we will likewise set up local area administration which permits local area individuals to contribute their thoughts for characterizing the center advancement objective of next stage. Besides, during Phase 2 we will likewise present Node and Dapp environment so activity of Bee Network is supported steadily by client cooperations inside this unique local area. 
Stage 3: from 10 million clients to 100 million clients. During stage 3 we will build up a Bee Network esteem trade commercial center and dispatch it when the improvement of Bee Network’s biological system is experienced and feasible. By using Bee Network’s blockchain innovation, the utilization and exchange through an open web stage will be encouraged. 
3. Task Details 
Honey bee Network is another blockchain advancement that gives gamified experience to clients to acquire Bee, a cryptographic money that you can mine on your cell phone. By assuming the parts of Miner, Referrer and Verifier, Bee Network players will procure awards in Bees. To make Bee important, Bee Network is extraordinarily planned as an organization comprising of real individuals which encourages players to trade merchandise, administration and skill, in actuality, with their Bee balance and at last rundown Bee on significant digital currency trades for exchanging Bee with fiat cash. 
The Bee Network monetary model is based upon the accompanying guideline, I) new inventory of Bee becomes 0 when the all out client base has developed to 1 billion overall ii) prior joiner ought to be remunerated better compared to late joiners iii) clients with more commitment to the local area ought to be compensated better iv) commitment made by Bee Network ‘s center improvement group ought to be perceived and remunerated v) all out supply of Bee is subject to number of clients. 
The all out supply of Bee = M + R + V + C when Bee Network stops Bee supply when it hits the 1-billion-client mark. M, R and V alludes to the all out Bee procured by all excavators, referrers and verifiers before supply stops. C alludes to Bee remunerated to Bee Network’s center improvement group, which is 25% of (M + R + V). Consequently, the genuine measure of absolute stockpile of Bee is subject to the complete clients action before Bee Network hits the 1-billion-client mark. 
As digital currencies and blockchain are still moderately new innovations with immense potential yet obscure to the mass public, we at Bee Network trust our application fills in as a valuable instrument to instruct everybody on cryptographic forms of money. Honey bee Network is allowed to download and play, so while finding out about cryptographic forms of money, players likewise have the chance to be remunerated in a developing resource without contributing from their own pockets. 
How does Bee Network work? 
There are three primary parts in Bee Network – Visioner, Ambassador, and Verifier. Whenever you have squeezed the thunder catch to launch your 24-hour mining meeting, you will acquire Bee with the recipe of (base rate) + (base rate) x 25% x (number of dynamic excavators in your procuring group) in the following 24 hours until your mining meeting closes. Base rate as digger begins at 1.6 Bee each hour, and will be down half to 0.8 Bee each hour when complete client base has developed to 100,000 client around the world, a further half slice to 0.4 Bee each hour when it develops to 1 million clients around the world, another half slice to 0.2 Bee each hour when it hits the 10 million, another half slice to 0.1 Bee each hour when it hits 100 million and in the long run no new inventory when Bee Network has arrived at 1 billion clients around the world. So the keys to procuring more Bee is to mine and allude new clients to join your acquiring group however much as could be expected when the base rate stays high. 
Each player will get the base rate at 1.6 honey bee/hour by signing in the application like clockwork and tapping the honey bee button. You don’t have to keep the application open in the wake of tapping the honey bee catch and you will naturally get hourly rate. You will stop following 24 hours until you have tapped the honey bee catch to begin another 24-hour meeting. If it’s not too much trouble, note that the base rate as Visioner will be diminished by half for multiple times relying upon the development of all out client base until Bee Network stops supply of Bee when there is 1 billion client around the world. The base rate as Visioner will be diminished from 1.6-> 0.8 (when developed to 100,000 clients), 0.8 > 0.4 (when developed to 1 million clients), 0.4 – > 0.2 (when developed to 10 million clients), 0.2-> 0.1 (when developed to 100 million clients) until supply gets 0 when developed to 1 billion clients. 
An Ambassador can allude new Visioners to join your group which you will actually want to collaborate with your colleagues and achieve mission together in the impending in-application capacities to be dispatched when the Bee Network project has enter next stages. 
Verifier (The part of Verifier may be dispatched since Bee Network has entered Phase 2) 
Kindly note that job of Verifier may be dispatched in Phase 2. Honey bee Network ‘s objective is to assemble a gaming local area with confided in part. Henceforth, we need verifiers to check the character of individuals bring them into your confirmed organization. Thusly, you affirm: 
You know the individual whom you have confirmed face to face 
You believe they are moral and not fake 
Notwithstanding, kindly note that you will require everybody in your security circle to effectively finish KYC (Know Your Customer) consistence measure before you can use the full capacities in next stages.
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